Corpus Christi School’s curriculum meets the Educational Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Newark as well as the New Jersey State Standards. The Archdiocese has implemented a curriculum mapping process whereby subject area curriculum maps have been and continue to be developed. This process ensures that a consistent, clearly articulated curriculum infused with Gospel values is provided to all students in the Archdiocesan schools.

Corpus Christi School has initiated an educational methodology known as Differentiated Instruction in order to meet the individual needs of students. Students work in whole class and small group instructional settings. All students are invited to engage in a multi-dimensional learning process. The 21st Century Skills of; problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication are the focal points in the instructional process.

In our commitment to meet individual needs, Corpus Christi offers 7th and 8th grade students either Pre-Algebra or Algebra I classes for those who qualify.

Formal Music, Physical Education, Art, STEM and Spanish (Grades 5-8) classes are offered. Instrumental music lessons are taught for an additional fee.

Religion classes are taught daily and all students are expected to participate. Religion is centered on walking and living with and in Jesus Christ. It is taught not only as a subject to be learned but as a way of life to be lived that creates a strong Catholic Identity at Corpus Christi School.

Extracurricular clubs and activities are offered after school. Examples are: Science Club, Yearbook Committee, STEM Club, Zoology Club, Drama and Performing Arts, Book Club, School Newspaper, Study Buddies, Choir, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Hockey and Baseball Clubs


Corpus Christi School is proud of its new Media & STEM Lab which offers students a fully integrated Google environment complete with an Interactive White Board, Chrome Books, Tablets, and a 3D Printer. All components of Google, including: Docs, Drive, Slides, Sheets, and Google Classroom are utilized in grades 4 through 8.

Interactive White Boards and a computer in each classroom allow for a smooth transition for technology integration in all subjects area; allowing them to be utilized on a daily basis.

Middle School

The 7th and 8th grade Middle School classes are focused on preparing our students for the rigors of High School. Specialized Mathematics classes, Literature, Research and Writing classes, Science Labs, STEM and Spanish classes produce an overall student readiness for high school and beyond.

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